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How Well Do You Take Responsibility For Yourself?

A few years ago comedian Flip Wilson created a character named Geraldine, who excused her outrageous behavior by claiming “the devil made me do it.” Poor Geraldine was helpless and ineffective because she wouldn’t take responsibility for herself. In his book, Grow Up! How Taking Responsibility Can Make You A Happy Adult, Dr. Fran Pittman wrote, “Finding the responsible thing to do is the lifelong quest for grown-ups."

Take the following quiz to find out how well you take responsibility for yourself.

True False  

I believe that my actions are the primary force in how I live my life, and that I am solely responsible for my actions.

When other people, events or circumstances affect my life, I am responsible for my reactions.

I take responsibility for my body and for my physical well being. I eat healthfully, exercise regularly and maintain good hygiene.

I may not always be able to select co-workers or team members, but I am responsible for the companions I choose and the company I keep.

What I say and how I say it is my responsibility. So is listening well.

I am responsible for my own emotions. Someone else doesn't "make" me feel a certain way.

My behavior with others is up to me—I'm responsible whether I "go along" with the crowd or remain passive in the face of actions or behaviors I don't agree with.

My personal happiness is my own responsibility. It's no one else's job to make me happy or to give me what I need or want to be happy.

Everything in life is a choice, and I take responsibility for mine—both the good and the not so good. I also take responsibility for how I handle the results of my choices.

I accept responsibility for doing the right thing even though it may not always be the easiest path.

I am responsible for choosing the values by which I live.

How I spend my time is up to me. Even though I may be required to work a certain number of hours or to be present at a specified time and place, the quality of my time is my responsibility.

I am responsible for how I use the earth's resources and realize that my decisions have implications that reach beyond the personal to the global.

I don't wait for someone else to make my life interesting. It's my responsibility to engage my curiosity, explore my intrigues, and follow my passions.

The manner in which I maintain my spiritual well being is my responsibility.

Self-responsibility includes seeking solutions when I have problems and asking for help when I need it.


-16 to -6: You are often passive, and rarely make your own choices. This attitude can makes you helpless and ineffective. Although self-responsibility may not always be easy, the results are empowering and life-affirming. If you have any questions or if you'd like to talk about your responses to this quiz, please write or call.

-5 to 5: Your attitude is on the right track to empowerment and affirmation but it is not always easy.

6 to 16: You have choosen to take responsibility for yourself in every aspect of your being.